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2022: What we have in store!

Hi guys!

2022 has kicked off in a very exciting way for us as we have a new co-owner and Head Brewer Jake!

NBHD was set up by our founder Dre back in 2020 – he and Jake have known each

other for almost 5 years now and always had the same vision when it came to the beers they like and wanted to make, but also the type of brewery and place they wanted to run. NHBD is now at the point where it’s looking at making the next steps in its journey and Jake is now able to be on board and take the beers to the next level whilst Dre can now concentrate on running and expanding the business!

So, what does the rest of the year have in store for NBHD?! We are planning on getting out to as many events as possible – including local makers markets and festivals. The website will always be updated with the plans of where we will be and where you can find us. We’ll also ensure socials are updated whenever we’ve done a delivery – so you know where to head to get some of our fresh drops! We’ve also been organising our very own Foodie Festival with NBHD serving the beers – more information on our website and socials to come!


A big move we’ll be making this year will be on our branding – we’ve been working hard in the background to give the look and feel of our brewery on our packaging and socials. This will be released and showcased at our first beer tasting event at the Epicurean in Ancoats on the 5th March 2022– please come down to meet us and try our new beers RSVP below.

New beers is actually going to be a big part of our 2022 – Jake is on board and ready to perfect our core beer range which will consist of an IPA, Session IPA and a Pale Ale. Jake has been brewing for 5 years now and is ready to make the beers he enjoys drinking – so watch this space as he has good taste. As well as these we’ll be bringing out a range of rotationals as well as some one off’s as often as Jake can create them for us a link to some of our newest releases are below.

We have our dreams and aspirations of where this brewery can one day end up – we hope you can follow us on our way to getting there. We will be doing weekly blog posts to keep you in the loop of what’s going on in Neighbourhood Brew Co HQ, so make sure you stay tuned…

Thanks for reading,

The NBHD Team (peace sign)

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